Condemning the acts of amendment of Land Reforms Act, APMC Act and Electricity Act the Farmers Union and other Unions have set protest against the State and Central Govt.


Condemning the Land Reforms Act, APMC Act and Electricity Act and demanding to take all the three acts passed back the Farmers Union and some other Unions set a protest rally form Majestic – Freedom Park at Banglore. The protesters have decided to hold the protest the end of the Cabinet Session. As a background to this rally more than 500 Police have been assigned at the Majestic Circle and Freedom Park.

As per the reports more than 30 Unions have participated in the rally and are appealing to take back the acts imposed. The farmers have warned if the acts aren’t backed up then they will hold a severe protest.

The protesters have reported as they will set the overnights till the end of the session and the Union leader said they will inform about the Karnataka Bandh till 8pm.