Congress leader alleged, crook in the distribution of Food kits


As the govt. has declared holiday to the schools for the reason of Corona, instead of the mid-day meal the food kits are being supplied to the students. Congress leader Rajat Ullagaddimath has alleged that there has been crook in this supply of food kits,

Congress leaders and the activists have recently given a visit to the school in Bairidevarakoppa and have gathered the details from the staff of the school. They have alleged that it is miserable that the crookedness is being shown in the food supplied to the children. They said, as per govt. orders 450gms of rice, 1.50 kg wheat and 3.50gms of daal should be there in the kit but, there is lack of nearly 200-300gms in every material of the kit.

The leaders showed their anger by saying at the time of Corona the crooks of BJP govt. has been rising day to day and now it has reached the food being supplied to the children; the concerned minister should look after the matter and take required actions.