Deluge for the power has been started at the BJP: Ex MLA Konareddy


The Ex MLA Konareddy poked a joke saying the deluge has been started at the state govt.

He added as whilst there is a separate kind of deluge at the state the same time the deluge for power has started at the state govt. Yesterday two Ministers have been consoled and the Health dept of Minister Sriramulu has been given to Minster Sudhakar. Sriramulu repeatedly used to say as there is no coordination and that is why the state public is facing problems.

Sriramulu was dreaming of DCM, by changing his account it is shown as he isn’t capable. For such a politician this has happened. The Social Welfare dept was firstly vacant. By the changing of the account the deluge of power has started at the BJP said the Ex MLA Konareddy humorously.