Establishment of the Maratha Development Authority is a strategy made for election: KPCC Working President Satish Jarkiholi.


The establishment of the Maratha Development Authority is a strategy made for the election. Instead of the establishment of authority the BJP should have given more prominence to the financially backwards. If the authorities/corporations will be formed for every caste then there won’t be any limits for them. There are nearly 5-6 thousand castes in the nation the BJP by forming authority for each caste is going to perform anti democratic work said the KPCC Working President Satish Jarkiholi.

Speaking at his residence office at Hill Garden he said without any case study the establishment of authorities for each caste is not just anti social but is also anti democratic. Failed to win the elections by performance the BJP is using such cheap strategies and conspiracies and by such is willing to break down the society.

He said regarding the border we condemn the statement of the Ajth Pawar. At the matter of the border the Mahadev Commission’s report is ultimate. The Kannada and Marathi communities at the border as well as the state are living cooperatively.

Angered with the cancellation of the session at Belagavi for the second time he said if the session is conducted here then is has to answer the failure of developments. That is why they have limited the session to the Banglore.

Answering the failure in the elections he clarified as the failure and the victory at the elections are common. To strengthen the party all the activists, members and the leaders are working. At all the areas including the coastal areas the members are working hard to strengthen the party.