Farmers weep over the onion loss at Hubli


A re-poke has been done on the wound of the farmer done by the restless rain. The farmers that rescued somewhat onion are no weeping over the loss of that as well over the re fall of the rain.

The farmers that produced the onion are helplessly watching the onions get decay due to the rain. Due to the shortage the onion rates have been hiked to which both the farmer and the customer are weeping out. The customer is weeping over the price hike whereas the farmer is weeping by not getting a proper rate to his crop.

The farmer that have grew the onion are weeping out and are pleading for the crop loss compensation as the APMC is able to pay only the suitable amount for the crop that too according to the quality of the crop. The APMC vendors are though in profit due to the stored onions but the farmers are badly disappointed by not getting expected rates to their crops. The farmers that weren’t out of the losses of last year and the lockdown are now again are in a critical condition.