Free vaccine with the very beginning of 2021: Health Minister Dr. Sudhakar


There are hopes of availability of the vaccine developed by the AstraZeneca company at India with the very release of the vaccine in 2021 said the Health Minister Dr. Sudhakar.

Addressing the medias at the Vidhanasoudha on Tuesday he said the AstraZeneca company in a companionship of the Oxford University has developed a vaccine and the 1st round experiment of the vaccine has been successful. The second and the third round experiment is about to be done soon.

The experiments have been done at several places including Mysore. He further added as the AstraZeneca Company has done the agreement with the SERUM institute of the Poona and the vaccine is about to prepared in India. The company is able to produce the vaccine for 100 Crore patients he said.

At the end he said it can’t be said for now as whether the vaccine will be free of cost or will be charged.