Inauguration of the Digital Board of the Mahanayaka at Borgaon


At the Borgaon village of the Nippani taluk a digital board of the Mahanayaka serial was inaugurated.

At the Ambedkar Nagar Circle of the Borgaon the digital board banner of the Mahanayaka serial based on the life story of the Dr. B R Ambedkar was inaugurated as for the promotion of the serial.

Speaking by the time Ex Taluk Panchayat Mmember Vijaykumar Shinge said to make every common people know about the works of the great Dr. B R Ambedkar the director of the serial Vijaykumar Hunasur has started a serial with the title Mahanayaka. The present youth by watching the serial can modify their life according to the principles of the great leader.