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Jaganmata Bhavani devotees go for online visions


The Navaratri celebration has started at the Tulajapur of the neighboring state as well as the Dasara celebration has started at the state. At the North Karnataka the celebration of the Dasara is taking place in a simple manner amid Covid-19.

As the goddess Tulaja Bhavani has been awakened and made to sit on the throne after the divine bath. The Ghata or the lamp has been established and the goddess will be worshipped with the various religious rituals for 9 days.

Every year Lakhs together devotees used to pay visit to the temple of Tulajapur but this year as the govt. has put prohibition to the visit. Whereas many devotees are worshipping the goddess within their minds whereas many more are going online through the social medias to get the visions of their loved goddess.