National festival

Tulajapur startles with the Laser show of Shivaji and Tulaja Bhavani


The Tulajapur administration has prohibited the entry of the devotees from outer states at the backgrounds of the pandemic corona. All the religious rituals of the Tulaja Bhavani will be held as usual but only by the locals. As the countdown has started for the Navaratri the divine place is startling with the lights and laser shows.

The festival which used to attract the eyes and the hearts of the devotees enlightening the feel of devotion from and around the Karnataka and Maharashtra has got little disturbed by the pandemic this year. The Maharashtra govt. has issued orders putting prohibition to the entry of the devotees but to go with the usual celebration. The whole Tulajapur is startling with the lightings around the temple.

The lightings have been adjusted at many places and the laser show of Shivaji Maharaj, Tulaja Bhavani and the Tualajapur temple have been the center of attraction. For now the goddess is deep asleep and will be waking up and seating the throne on 17th October. On that day the Ghatta or the lamp will established and by that the Navaratri will begin.