Memo by the Tippu Sultan Sangharsh Samithi to the CEO of Town Panchayat – Khanapur


With regards to the appeal of some leaders to rename the Tippu Sultan Circle as the Abdul Kalam circle the members and the leaders of Tippu Sultan Sangharsh Samithi Khanapur wing submitted the memo to the CEO of Town Panchayat.

They appealed as there is a circle which is recognized by the name of Hazarath Tipu Sultan Rh Chowk Parishwad Cross Khanapur since last many decades. We receive the letters in which it will be mentioned as Tippu Sultan Circle. The name of Circle also appears in the Records of the Town Panchayat Khanapur. There are plenty evidences as we arrange the functions near the said Chowk after the Warrior Tippu. Tipu sultan was a warrior from Karnataka. He was a pious man. He has fought many wars against the Britishers, he was first warrior to fight with Britishers by innovating the Missiles. He is a martyr of our Nation. He is also called as Tiger of Mysore. Now after his death in order to defame him and out of political agenda he is being targeted which is not good.

So we the members and the leaders of the Tippu Sultan Sangharsh Samithi request not to change the name given to the Circle.