MLA Anjali Nimbalkar gave start to the construction of the new Veterinary Hospital at Nandgad


The longstanding demand of the new building for the veterinary hospital at the Nandgad of the Khanapur taluk was fulfilled by the MLA Anjali Nimbalkar.

As the old building of the veterinary hospital built nearly more than years back was damaged and the InNews has also reported about the actual situation of this building. Awaken by this the MLA Anjali Nimbalkar took sanctions by the National Project Construction Corporation under 25th scheme of RIDF and gave a start to the construction of the new building. She performed the Bhumipujan of the construction and also worshipped the Holy Cow.

Speaking by the time the MLA said the building was too old and the villagers had kept a request for a new building, accordingly the bhumipujan of the new construction has been done today.