MLA Duryodhan aihole hits start to the Developmental works Anganwadi.


As the govt. is sanctioning huge amounts for the developmental works, the officials and the contractors with efficient works should provide facilities to the citizens said the MLA Duryodhan Aihole.

Initiating the developmental works of the 7 Anganwadi worth 2,21,00,000 at Nagarmunoli and Karoshi the MLA instructed as the nutritious food that comes to the Anganwadis for the children and the pregnant women from the govt. should be distributed adequately and the officials of the dept. should work in order to maintain the good health of them. He further appealed the parents to stop being infatuated towards the private schools and by making the children to learn in govt. schools they should save and raise the govt. schools.

Speaking next to him the Panchayat member Mahesh Bhate said MLA Aihole has been working hard since years for the development of the Raibag Constituency. In this regard today he gave start to the construction of 7 anganwadis under the cost of 17 Lakh. He further added as the MLA has been working very efficiently in regards of providing better education to the children.