Prakash Hukkeri doesn’t has the ethicality of selecting the BJP Candidate – Govt. Chief Wipe Mahantesh Kavatagimath


The Govt. Chief Wipe Mahantesh Kavatagimath on the statement of the Prakash Hukkeri as the BJP should give the ticket to the family member of the late Union Minister Suresh Angadi for the election to be conducted for the seat that has been open on his immature death has expressed sever disappointment. He said such statement by an Ex MP according to this doesn’t bring wow.

Speaking after performing deity to the lakes of Chikkodi Taluka he said Prakash Hukkeri has been serving as a public representative since 4 decades. Being a responsible person of the society giving such statement isn’t that apt. Since many years the Congress has been playing the paternal guidance have outcome as MLA MPs and Ministers. Instead of working towards the development giving statements about our party doesn’t brings wow to him. He said the party seniors will be deciding over the ticket not the Prakash Hukkeri and let him look what is happening in his party instead suggesting us.

Speaking about Prakash Hukkeri joining the BJP he said since years he has been giving such statements for his self benefits and we won’t be considering it seriously.