Protest demanding to execute the accusers of the Hathras Gang rape: Hubli


Severe rage is being noticed among the nation for the gang rape at the Hathras and cremation by the police keeping the victim’s parents at house arrest. With the same regards the Jai Karnataka Org. of Hubli has set a protest demanding the president rule at U P.

With the protest rally form the Ambedkar Circle till the Tahshildar office the members and the leaders of the org. uttered slogans against the CM Yogi Adityanath as an expresiion of their anger. Aftermath the protesters appealed the president Ramnath Kovind for the implementation of the President rule at the U P thorough the Tahshildar.

The angry protesters forced as Adityanath’s govt. has failed to prohibit the atrocities on the woman, so his govt. should be ejected and the president rule should be implemented to the U P. Besides this the U P Police has attempted to cover the crime by destroying the evidences. Under the supervision of the retired Justice of the Supreme Court or the High Court the impartial probe of the incident should be held. The case should be handed over to the special quick trails of the other states and the security to the victim’s family should be provided.