Sandalwood Star Couple Digant and Aindrita Ray – receive CCB Notice.


It doesn’t seem the wheels of drugs racket in the sandalwood has any breaks, the wheels are turning from one side to another, today the CCB raided the house of Aditya Alwa son of late Minister Jeevraj Alwa and now they have issued a notice to the star couple of the Sandalwood Actor Digant and actress Aindrita Ray to attend the investigation.

The star couple has received the notice as they used to attend the parties of Shaikh Faizla at the Colombo Casino organized by Vaibhav Jain and Viren Khanna who have been arrested in the case of drugs mafia at sandalwood.

The couple has tweeted about the notice separately in their accounts as they have received as they have been notified by a telephonic communication to attend the investigation at 11 AM tomorrow (Wednesday). And they have assured of complete cooperation to the investigation.

Totally which all names will come forward has become a day-day interest of the public.