Sandalwood star couple Diganth – Aindrita under intense investigation of CCB custody.


The star couple of the sandalwood Diganth and Aindrita received a notice by the CCB yesterday regards to this the couple arrived to the CCB office where the officers have detained their cell phones and are intensely investigating the couple in individual.

The CCB police undertook the couple who arrived to the CCB Office at Chamarajnagar to their custody and have detained their mobile phones. Already it has come to light of the officers as Diganth had companionship with the Ravishankar who already has been arrested and he has attended the parties organized by him. Speaking about the Aindrita she has not just clicked the photos with Shaikh Fazil who’s being heard as the kingpin of the drugs racket but also she had been to many different Casinos with him.

The couple has also attended the parties organized by Rahul, and the parties organized at the resort owned by Aditya Alwa.

For now the couple has been released by the officers and have informed them to attend the further investigation on the dates to be notified.