Search operation by the Banglore Police at Mumbai.


In hunt of the Aditya Alwa S/O Former Karnataka Minister Jeevaraj Alwa the Banglore Police conducted a search operation at the house of actor Vivek Oberai at Mumbai.

Aditya Alwa is a brother-in-law of the actor Vivek Oberai. As the Banglore Police got some hints as the Aditya Alwa, absconding from the probes of the Sandalwood drug case is hiding in his relative’s house, arrived with the search warrant from the court and looked for the Aditya.

Joint Commissioner of Banglore Police Sandeep Patil said, Aditya Alwa is absconding, Vivek Oberai is his relative and we got some information as the Alwa is hiding there so we wanted to check. Obtaining a court warrant a team of crime branch has gone to his house in Mumbai.