SPB Passes away at the age of 74 – A voice which pleased the ears for almost 55 years is now muted.


S P Balasubramanyam a legendry playback singer who was undergoing the treatment of Covid-19 since August 5 has passed away at the age of 74 at 1:04 pm on Friday at private hospital of Chennai.

S P Balasubramanyam who is widely known as SPB and Balu has given his voice for more than 40,000 songs in the career span of 55 years. He recently posted a video in which he said “Last two to three days, I have been having a little discomfort. Discomfort means little chest congestion, which for a singer is nonsense,” which now becomes a last video by the singer.

Speaking by the time SPB’s son thanked all the doctors and staff who served him and said my father is everyone’s property and will be alive until you all are there.