Stoppages to the illicit activities by the Vijayapur Police.


Behind the sounds of drugs mafia in the sandalwood the Vijaypur Police officials are breaking through the web of marijuana and other toxic substances. A detail report of those operations is here.

The Police Officials of Vijaypur are seems to be on the special operation of cleaning their whole dist. they putting complete stoppages to all the illicit activities. With the successful raids over the hotels, pan shops, dhabas, and yards they are detaining the filths like marijuana, mawa (something similar to gutkha mixed with marijuana) and some other similar substances. Till now the officers have raided many yards detaining 138.92 kg of marijuana. In total 7 accusers who were illegally sowing and selling marijuana have been arrested with the registering of cases in five different police stations.

Along with the marijuana the police have detained 756 packets of mawa being sold illegally and have arrested 5 accusers under that crime, the officers have raided 570 hotels cum dhabas and have detained the liquor being sold illegally without license, 102 cases have been registered under this crime and 104 accusers have been arrested. The police officials have also arrested 3 accusers who were transporting sandal woods at Ahirsang village of Indi Taluk, and 32 accusers who were running illegal betting business have also been arrested detaining the cash and the materials used for the business.

In total the Police Officials of the Vijaypur dist. seem to be on the operation of cleaning their dist. putting stoppages to all the illicit activities before the state resolves the drugs mafia.