The Govt. is all set to kick out the drugs from state – Chief Wipe of Legislative Council Mahantesh Kavatagimath


By identifying and panelizing properly to those who are involved in the drugs racket the state govt. is all set to make the state drugs free said the Chief Wipe of Legislative Council Mahantesh Kavatagimath.

Speaking at the press conference at the Jagajeevan Bhavan of Chikkodi the Chief Wipe said the drugs racket has intruded the state. To identify those involved in the racket the govt. has started a very sharp investigation. To put a break to the racket by indentifying and panelizing those the govt. is working under the guidance of CM Yadiyurappa.

The session will be starting from 21st of this month. The issues of DJ Halli will be discussed. We won’t let the Udta Karnataka to take place as the Udta Punjab has taken place. Drugs racket will be discussed very seriously in the session said Mahantesh Kavatagimath.

By the time Chikkodi Dist. BJP President Rajesh Nerli, Mahesh Bhate, Satish Appajigol, Shambhavi Ashvatpur, Deepak Patil and many other were present.