The Religious Heads of all the Religion Unite to appeal for the establishment of RCU at Kittur.


Today at Kittur the religious heads of all the religion united to protest appealing for the establishment of Rani Chennamma University (RCU) at Kittur.

The protest included the religious heads, litterateurs of the Kittur, Kannada pro Activists, social activists, student unions, political heads, and even the journalists who appealed the Tahshildar for the establishment of Rani Chennamma University at Kittur and they submitted a memo to the Govt. through him.

According to the protesters it will be a justice to establish the University as the Hampi University is at Hampi and the Nalanda University is at Nalanda. They informed as the protest isn’t against any political party or the political head it is just for the future of teh students. They appealed the govt. to present them the University as a fair present of the Kittur Utsav.