The statement of the Congress about the expulsion of the Chinese soldier is ridiculous – Union Minister Prahlad Joshi


The Congress has been giving ridiculous statements now they have said as within 15 minutes of coming into power they will be making expulsion of the Chinese solider on such statements the congress leaders themselves keep laughing said the Union Minister Prahlad Joshi against the Congress.

Speaking at the press conference at Hubli he said China hasn’t been our border previously by the time the Congress was ruling it has become our border. He attacked the Congress saying as the Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi has made several agreements with the China.

The Congress doesn’t have faith on Constitution or the main motifs it has continued its attitude of disgrace. Several bills have been passed and have become laws in such a time attacking on the deputy speaker and trying to stop him is all a gimmick he added.

The Congress is behaving as if have come to rule the nation, and that problem itself has been haunting them. Siddramaiah has giving several statements about Yadiyurappa and Modi I won’t be repeating them and mainly the matter of CM has been rising. The CM post in the state isn’t empty and in upcoming all the by-elections will be achieving victory with the majority.