Vijaypur farmers face heavy loss on Pomegranate due to heavy rain.


The farmers of Vijaypur district who sowed pomegranates are suffering from heavy loss as the pomegranates are affected by the Bacterial Blight disease due to the heavy rain since a week. The farmers who were expecting something good are no sitting with the hands over their heads.

Here is a short report about it.

Since last week there is heavy rain in the dist. which has affected the pomegranate with bacterial blight disease. Due to the disease the pomegranates are falling down from the trees which aren’t being brought by the fruit vendors, and when the farmers themselves are bringing the fruits the customers aren’t ready to buy the diseased fruits. Due to the disease some of the fruits have turned black and many have broken into pieces.

The moreover of the dist. especially the Indi taluk sows the pomegranate more. The farmers who spent lakhs together for the sowing are now having the hands over their heads. Though appealed many a times no official of the horticulture dept. has arrived to yards to visit therefore the farmers are yet suffering.

On one side due to the draught and on other due to the deluge the bread feeders are suffering. We hope at least now the related officials of the dept pay a little attention towards the farmers who grew pomegranates and look after their reliefs.