Vijaypur SP Anupam Agarwal shows his Sigham avatar: the rowdies shiver on the rage of the officer.


At the backgrounds of the raising crime rates the dist. the Vijaypur Police has become highly alert.

The Vijaypur SP today early morning has called more than 110 hit list rowdies to the Parade Ground where he took a precise class of the rowdies. The SP that has been known for his mild behavior has shown his Singham avatar by slapping some of the rowdies and gave them stern warns.

The rowdy namely Bhimsi Bhajantri that was alleged of Tashildar’s driver’s suicide and one more rowdy have received the awards on their cheeks by the SP. The other rowdies that were present by the class received a shock as well as shivering on the totally different avatar of the SP.