West Bengal Businessman Wears 108gram Weighing Golden Mask


Kolkata : Though the pandemic Covid-19 was not disappeared from the nation, the face masks have become the ‘new normal’ and a necessary part of our daily attire. A businessman from West Bengal South 24 Parganas District has got himself a customised gold mask worth Rs 5.70 lakhs.

The mask was created by Chandan Das, a jewellery maker from Budge Budge, who claims to make customised designer items. Das created the 108-grams gold mask for a local businessman within 15 days. During the Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata, the businessman flaunted his latest possession but due to curiosity of people around, he had to take it off.

One user reacted to the pictures saying, ”Continued display of vulgar wealth without any sensitivity or concern for the thousands who have lost their lives to the disease, irrespective of how much wealth they had or not. And those indirectly impoverished by it”