Who will listen to the yammer of Hukkeri Municipality members?


The members elected to the Municipality of the Hukkeri haven’t received their powers yet. Whilst the ward locals complained their problems regarding the basic facilities to the members, members are saying as the officers aren’t responding to the members properly. The newly elected members held a meeting with the officers today and discussed as though the gutters are filled yet the staff isn’t cleaning properly, the staff isn’t attending the office properly by this the public is facing problems in paying tax.

The public is raising questions as the essential documents aren’t being given, but you aren’t responding to us properly. The plastic hasn’t been banned in the town; the shopkeepers are using plastic bags. They asked the Chief Officer Mohan Jadhav and the Executive Gaourishankar Malanka why the officials aren’t taking any actions.

Mohan Jadhav spoke by the time and said the delays have taken place as the officials are appointed to various duties of the pandemic but soon the problems will be resolved.