Will be bound to the decision of the CM about the Cabinet Expansion – Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi


I don’t know much as CM is about abandon some of the party ministers whilst the cabinet expansion. Will be bound to the decision even though the CM abandons from the position of Minister from the Dist. said the Water Resource Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi.

Speaking to the medias at the circuit house of Chikkodi he said it’s a longstanding demand of the public to make Chikkodi and Gokak as districts. Primarily the offices of dist. level will be brought and then after the discussions with the dist. representatives will bring it to the notice of the CM.

He skipped saying I don’t know much about the U.P. to the question of the medias on U.P. Hathras gang rape. Speaking further he said the irrigation projects will be implemented. About the 11 irrigation projects the surveys have been instructed. In the fold affected areas the house bills aren’t paid yet, due to some technical problems the surveys are getting delayed, in the upcoming session the decisions about this will be taken.