4 accusers arrested at the Uchawade Cross, Khanpur – a semi automatic country pistol and bullets detained.


The Khanapur Police that inquired the people gathered at the Uchawade Cross of Khanapur with some bikes and a car while on regular beats have arrested them along with detaining a country pistol, bullets, a car and two motorcycles and have undertook them for investigation.

The Khanapur CPI Suresh Shingi while on regular patrolling found some people standing in a group with motorcycles and a car. While three among them ran away the officer inquired the left over they were found holding an illegal semi automatic country pistol. The Khanapur Police has undertaken all the accusers and is investing them.

It is reported as the police have detained a semi automatic country pistol, 3 bullets, mobile phones 34,000 cash amount, a car and two motorcycles. The case regarding has been registered in Khanapur Police Station.