5 including the paternal uncle involved the Supari Killing arrested at Nippani.


The paternal uncle that registered the missing case being involved in the murder of the boy has come into light at the Nippani.

Satish Patil the paternal uncle of Vishal Mahesh Patil (25) resident of Bennadi Village has supari killed him and had registered a missing case at the Nippani Rural Police station.

The PSI of the station Basavaraj Talawar after the registration of the case when severely inquired the uncle of the victim that registered the case has accepted of killing the victim along with 4 others. The supari killers that murdered the victim namely Amol Vaddar, Dilip Vaddar, Babasaheb Kamble and Vikas Patil have been arrested after the probes and have been produced to the court.

The property disputes have been the motif of the murder as according to the probes.