50 bikes detained at a massive operation by the Talikoti Police, Vijaypur


The Talikoti Police of Vijaypur dist. have put 4 accusers behind the bars at a massive operation. 50 bikes have been detained by the accusers arrested that were stolen at the state and interstate. The Police Commissioner of the dist. has appreciated the officials that were involved in the operation.

The thieves that stolen the bikes as well as the peace of the villagers of the Yadgir Vijaypur and many other areas have been arrested by the cops from whom they have detained 50 stolen bikes. Among the four accusers arrested two are notified as the villagers of the Bilebhavi of Talikoti taluk Mounesh Badiger and Ninganna Pujeri where as the other two are the residents of Kodekal of Surapur taluk Meerasab Baligar and Mehaboob Baligar.

According to the sources the two accusers used to steal the bikes and the other two used to sell them to the farmers and others in a half rate. On the firm information the cops arrested the criminals and have detained 50 bikes worth 30 lakhs stolen in last 18 months.