Cabinet Session

A special protest by congress leaders against BJP Govt. by wearing a mask printed as “Annadathanige Anyaya”.


Condemning the anti farmer act of Central and State govt. the congress leaders inside the assembly set a protest wearing the mask which has a slogan of “Annadathanige Anyaya” (injustice to the Farmer).

The Congress leaders outputted their anger on the APMC Amendment Act and the Land Reform Amendment Act by the Central and State Govt. on Saturday. By the time mask they wore which had a slogan of Annadathanige Anyaya grabbed everyone’s attention.

By the time Opposition Leader Siddramaiah, KPCC President D K Shivkumar, KPCC Ex President Dinesh Gundurao, MLAs H K Patil, Laxmi Hebbalkar, Anjali Nimbalkar, Ajay Singh, Yatindra Siddramaiah, Soumya Reddy and many others were present.