A wife and her lover that killed a husband for an illicit relationship are now behind the bars.


Thinking as a hindrance of an illicit relationship the wife and her mate had murdered the husband which is now resolved by the Hubli Railway Police.

On May 2020 a dead body was found on the railway track at the Ranebennur and the dead was identified to be the resident of Srinivaspur Tanda of Ranebennur Chandrappa Lamani. The case was registered and was being probed by the Hubli Railway Police, and now has revealed the motif of the murder.

The cops said the wife of the victim Shobha had an illicit relationship with Dilleppa due to the lock-down the husband was staying home and as this created a hindrance to them to meet or continue their relation they by strangling his neck by the rope have murdered him. And it has been proved by the probe as aftermath of the murder they as not to create any suspicions have thrown the dead body by the nearby railway track. For now the two have been arrested and under custody one more immature boy that has involved in the crime is being searched.