Big break to the marijuana chain at Vijaypur, till now 224kg marijuana has been detained.


While the drugs mafia is making huge sound in state the marijuana isn’t stepping back in creating the sensations. Vijaypur infamous as the city of domes at the riverbanks of Bhima River was alleged of being a junction of marijuana selling and smuggling by the MLA of the dist. itself. Now the Police dept. and the Excise dept. have done an operation in which they have detained 224 kg marijuana till the date.

Responding to the alleges being heard the Excise dept. and the Police dept. have held a separate combing operations and have detained the marijuana and other substances from the farms, dhabas, and hotels in each operation, the officials have arrested many accusers and have detained the toxic substances from them, the materials cost more than lakhs and including the marijuana weighing 224 kg in total.

The operations have took place in the city as well as the villages of the dist. from the suspicious small hotels till the farms. Presently the drugs racket has become a big issue spreading up to the sandalwood in the same time the cops and the excise officials have made 4 successful operations in Vijapur dist. and have detained 224 kg marijuana till now costing lakhs together.

Yesterday the dist. police have raided the Balaganur village and have arrested a father and a son along with detaining 49 kg marijuana and the Excise dept has raided the Kakhandki village and has detained 130 kg marijuana from the place and in the combing operation the officers have detained 60 kg marijuana from a farm in Nidagundi and 5kg from a farm near Jamkhandi Naka.

Now a different kind of a operation has been started by the officials in which they are going to inspect all the farms in the dist. with the drone cameras, in total there isn’t any doubt as soon the Vijaypur will be marijuana free dist.