Corona Public awareness programme by the Dist. Legal Service Authority : Belagavi


At the backgrounds of the raise of Corona infections the Dist. Legal Service Authority and Lawyers Association held Corona public awareness rally at the Belagavi.

The Corona awareness rally was organized in front of the Belagavi Dist. Court on Wednesday under the patronage of the Karnataka State Legal Service Authority Banglore, Dist. Legal Service Authority Belgavi, and Belagavi Bar Association. The rally started with the green signal of the Chief Judge Chadrashekhar Joshi.

The activists of the rally holding the awareness banners travelled through the main streets of the city and brought awareness among the citizens by distributing the pamphlets.

Speaking in regards the Cheife Justice Chandrashekhar Joshi said at the backgrounds of the emergency of the Corona the awareness among the people is being made about the wearing of masks, maintain the social distance, and to maintain the hygiene. So the govt. has issued orders to put fine to those who don’t wear mask in regards to the good will of the public. He further appealed as everyone should take care as not to get infected by the Corona.

Speaking next the Bar Ass. President D B Patil said all the lawyers are actively participating at the awareness programme on the orders of the Karnataka High Court and the Dist. Court of Belagavi.