I had been to the casino of Colombo not Pakistan – MLA Zameer Ahmed.


Yes, I had been to the Colombo’s casino not to Pakistan, after every one ‘n’ half year I travel to Colombo not just me even Kumarswami had been to Colombo bombed the MLA Zameer Ahmad.

Accepting the truth of being to Colombo Zameer has revealed as 28 other candidates of JDS and the MLA and MPs of BJP too have been to Colombo is there anything wrong in visiting a legal casino questioned the MLA at the same time.

Speaking further he said I don’t have any links with the drugs mafia if proved as I had been to Colombo with Sanjan then I’m ready to surrender all my property to the govt. as I have told and if proven my involvement in the drugs racket let me hang I will give a self written note to the court to hang me to death if proven so, thundering by the time he said Prashant Sambargi is just trying to gain publicity.