Money laundering video of the Head Constable goes viral.


A video of a head constable laundering money for the purchase of materials to the Police Station and to get CCTV has gone viral on the social medias. The villagers that captured the video whilst the Head Constable of the Basavanbagewadi Station was laundering money have posted it in the social medias and made it hit viral.

In the pretext of putting fines to the bikers at the Manur village of the Basavanbagewadi taluk the head constable that was laundering money has said the villagers as he is collecting fines in the instructions of the PSI. It is said as he was collecting 500 from each of the biker at the village. The villagers have expressed their anger on the Head Constable namely H S Hosamani and have demanded the senior officers to take proper actions against him.