Sinner wife kills husband and buries the body saying it of Buffalo’s


A shameful act to which the whole civilized society must be heads off has taken place in Hanchinal village of Nippani Taluk Belagavi. A wife has murdered her husband and has buried his body by calling the JCB lying as to bury the dead body of a buffalo; later the body has been buried in the pit along with attempting to destroy the evidences.

Victim is found to be Sadashiv Bhopale, who is a resident of Nerle village of Kagal Taluk Maharashtra, murederd by Anita Bhopale with the support of her two brothers namely Krishna Rajaram Ghatage, Ganesh Annappa Redekar and a sister Vanita Chavhan. For now the accused have escaped and the search by the Nippani Police is in process.

The reason behind the murder is found at the time of investigation as the harassment of the husband suspecting chastity of the wife. A few days back the couple had moved to Hanchinal, and on the night of 3rd September the fight between them has started for the same reason in which the wife has banged the head of her husband by baton and then has mugged his neck by the rope. Later the accused along with other three has called the JCB saying to bury the dead buffalo, after which they have made to dig a pit in which they have buried the body.