Sounds of bullet fire recreated at the Bhima Shores


The rivalry and the open quarrel in the Vijaypur Dist. that too especially at the villages of the Bhima shore have been very common ever since the gang widely known as the Bhima Teerada Hantakaru (terrors of the Bhima Shore) came to the light. The attacks on one another became the daily visions of the villagers that used to take place between two particular groups. The rivalry though is of years long but is still prevailing and being carried by the members of the gangs.

At such background a bullet firing has taken place on the rowdy sheeter Mahadev Bhairgonda that is now creating sound at the Bhima Shore.

The incident has taken place at the Arikeri Tanda of the Vijaypur. At first the car in which the victim was traveling has been hit with the tipper and then a group of unknown members have fired on the victim. Mahadev has been hit with two bullets whereas the other traveler along with him Baburay has got some severe injuries. For now they both have been admitted to the Govt. hospital of the Vijaypur and are being treated.

The case regarding this has been registered at the rural police station and the investigation is going on.