Three accusers that bribed over the name of well known terror of the Bhima Shore set behind the bars.


Calling themselves as the relatives of the of the well known terror of the Bhima Shore the three accusers that tried to bribe over lakhs together from a fertilizer shop owner threatening of murdering over having an illicit relationship with the lady have been set behind the bars by the Rural Police of the Vijaypur.

The accusers arrested have been identified as Murigeppa Belundagi, Basavaraj Belundagi of Kannur village and Devendra Vadeyar of Makanapur village. At first the accusers have called the victim namely Appashaeb Mallikarjun Bagade and informed him to meet over the business there at the meeting spot have told him as they are the relatives of the well known terror of the Bhima Shore Dharmaraj Chadchan and have threatened him of murdering. The accuser demanded money from him and bribed over 1.37 Lakh and took his cell phone.

After all this the victim went to the police and informed everything in detail. The police officials took sudden actions and have arrested the accusers along with detaining the money that was bribed as well as a bike and a cell phone.

The SP Anupam Agarwal has appreciated the diligence of the officials and has declared awards to them.