Two accusers behind the bars in regards to Mahadev Bhairgonda shootout case


In regards to the Mahadev Bhairgonda shootout two accusers have been set behind the bars and are being probed. On some firm hints the Vijaypur Police has arrested the Tipper driver and an informer.

It is said as the tipper driver is a resident of Umrani namely Nagappa Peergond and the informer that leaked the information of Mahadev is namely Vijay Talikoti.

Speaking in regards the North IGP Raghavendra Suhas said on some old rivalry and with the intention of gang forming this act has taken place. Mainly an accuser named Madiwal Hiremath is a centre of this act as he intends to form a gang.

He added as he has been forming a gang with some youth from Pune and some other places and has been running finance along with misleading the member that joined him. It has also come into light as the fellows of the Bhima Shore slayer Dharmaraj are also involved in the act.

At the end he said by the primary investigation it has been clear as many are involved in the act and he assured as soon all of them will be behind the bars.