Woman arrested by the Khanapur Police under the Crime of stowing and selling of marijuana at Jamboti.


A woman who used to stow and sell the marijuana at Jamboti has been arrested successfully by the Khanpur Police today.

With the firm information a team led by Khanapur CPI Ramesh Shingi attacked the woman and have arrested her while selling marijuana. The cops have detained marijuana weighing 511 gm which costs 5,120 rs and the some cash.

The accuser named Prathiba Prabhakar Birje has informed as she used to get the marijuana from Laxman Sahadev Hundelkar a resident of Chibbalgeri of Haliyal taluk. The cops raided the house of the person and have detained 220 gm marijuana forms him which costs 2,500 rs. The cops even detained the marijuana plants grew by the accuser.

The case has been registered at the Khanapur Police Station.